Feldenkrais can help to improve performance and refine skill in any sporting and leisure activity, including golf, tennis, running, swimming, climbing etc.

By improving kinaesthetic awareness and co-ordination, Feldenkrais lessons help you to develop more skilful use of your whole body in action, and to change limiting habitual patterns of movement that contribute to repetitive strain.

Whether you are a professional level athlete, or someone who enjoys a weekly swim, Feldenkrais can help you to:

  • Increase power, ease and agility
  • Develop smoother, faster responses
  • Improve balance, timing and precision
  • Develop clearer connections through the skeleton
  • Increase efficiency and eliminate unnecessary effort
  • Address movement limitations, repetitive strain and overuse injuries

Depending on your needs, lessons can focus on specific movements to match a particular activity, as well as helping with overall ease of breathing and whole body co-ordination.

feldenkrais stretch
feldenkrais stretch
feldenkrais stretch
feldenkrais stretch