About the Method


The Feldenkrais Method is a form of somatic education.  It uses movement and self-awareness to effectively alter detrimental or limiting patterns of action, thought and feeling, and to improve our ability to move with freedom and ease in everyday life.


The human brain and nervous system have the ability to organically learn and to change patterns of behaviour throughout life.  At any time in our life we can decide to change habits that do not serve us well and learn a new way of engaging with the world, improving our poise, coordination and movement. The Feldenkrais Method facilitates this learning.


Gentle functional movement explorations are used to help us learn to co-ordinate our bodies in more flexible, dynamic and efficient ways.  Through experiencing these movements we become more aware of our body’s unconscious habits and limitations, and we discover new possibilities for moving with greater ease.


The Feldenkrais Method does not use force or encourage stretching beyond ones existing capabilities.  Rather it educates the body and nervous system, enabling them to self-correct inefficient and limiting patterns of movement.

Feldenkrais can improve posture, flexibility, breathing, balance and co-ordination, and has many other benefits, including:



Feldenkrais is taught in two forms: Classes: Awareness Through Movement (ATM); Individually: Functional Integration (FI)


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